Daily Report Nigeria: Emerging Face of New Media in Africa

Daily Report Nigeria is an online Nigerian newspaper that is committed to providing a wide range of readers with up-to-date local, national, and worldwide reporting on a variety of topics.

An independent news outfit, Daily Report boasts of a user-friendly experience that enables convenient scanning of news throughout the page.

At Daily Report Nigeria, our mantra is to provide accurate, informative, and entertaining content to our readers. Creating quality and engaging content for the consumption of an informed and connected civil society is at the core of Daily Report Nigeria ”

Daily Report Newspaper stands out from its peers in terms of the following aspects:

  1. By creating and disseminating high-quality material based on the coverage of local, national, and international events to provide exciting Nigerian news headlines.
  2. Encourage the creation and distribution of high-quality content, such as news and information, that is accurate, fair, balanced, objective, transparent, and entertaining, and that is curated with producers’ and distributors’ editorial integrity and consistency in mind.
  3. Leading the way in the development of authenticated content for a variety of audiences that can be distributed across different channels.

Daily Report Nigeria is aimed at delivering convenience to customers’ fingertips. Our motive is to create timely and relevant news content with digital expertise to meet users’ day-to-day digital needs.