Avoid Men That Love Big Backsides – Pretty Mike Warns Ladies

Tapre Timine
Tapre Timine
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Popular Lagos socialite, Pretty Mike has shared his thoughts on Instagram about men who admire big buttocks.

Addressing women dating such men, Mike warned that their partner is a chronic cheat due to the number of ladies with big behinds and those who undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance theirs.

Any man, according to him, who dates a lady because of her massive derriere would surely cheat on her with another lady with an equal or bigger backside.

He said:
I just want to state a simple truth that would be beneficial to your mental health and peace of mind as an honest lover. Listen up!

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If your man is a backside/backyard lover, I mean if your man likes Big Yansh… just know that he’s a chronic cheat, no statistics is needed for proof. Infact! If he’s with you because of your bumbum, know that he can never be redeemed from cheating🤔.

Have you seen what is out there🍑? With the consistent emergence of new booties, varying in all shapes, colors,sizes,cuts and curves 😍…you really think your man would keep it in his pants for just you? Are you kidding? Know this and know peace! Never think he’s a kept man, if he is a ikebe super lover🤣……. As long as new asses continue to leave the surgeon’s table and emerge on iG explore🙈, he will always cheat.”

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