Delta 2023 Governorship Race: Any Hope In The Offing For Indigent Deltans?

The 2023 political contest for the coveted office of Governor in Delta State has begun in full swing.

On daily basis, the media space is awash with promotional feature and news stories popularising the credentials and purported credibility of those in the race, and subsequently seeking support from Deltans, as they (aspirants) make hay to clinch their parties’ ticket to vie for the office of Governor and subsequently occupy Osadebe house, come 2023.

Interestingly, each passing day, the list of persons jostling for the number one seat of the state gets bulky with new entrants joining in the race.

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Among the political parties in the state, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressive Congress (APC) are unarguably the most popular, and they are strongly dictating the political pace so much that most of the aspirants itching for the office of governor are from these parties.

Without mincing words, the aspirants are showing strong dexterity and obviously standing strong to outpace any opponents in the race at any given time.

Apparently true, the media team of these aspirants are “beautifully” doing a yeoman’s job by dishing out a great deal of publications to sell their principals to the low-spirited populace, who incidentally lacks the temerity and democratic ethos to scrutinize these aspirants to be able to know who among them are the wolfs in beautiful sheep clothing straddling and navigating the political system with impervious audacity.

Ideally, taking a critical look into the aspirants’ character, political ideologies, antecedents in politics and business by way of personality check and assessment, should be the way to go in berthing sound democratic culture in the state. But would the people of Delta State have the collective will to pull this task through?

To progress along an untainted political path, we put forward a quick credibility check on the fellows indicating interest in the governorship seat.

Firstly, Deltans want to know how much concern they have shown in the face of the political turmoil, and economic stagnation ravaging the state and the people.

Secondly, Deltans want to know the role they have played in the face of stinking corruption afflicting the state and causing colossal damage to its economy, and subjecting the people to perpetual slavery and excruciating poverty over the years.

Still, none of the aspirants has proven he has the mettle and entrepreneurial know-how to address the rot, ineptitude, and tardiness in the circle of governance, with a view to courageously vacating the scornful practice of racing to Abuja, cap in hand for a hand-out, instead of looking inwards and prudently harness the buoyant opportunities and resources in the state to grow her economy and expeditiously exit Deltans from the long years of self-inflicted poverty and hunger.

On this note, we strongly emphasize that at this maturing time of our democratic governance, there must be a departure from the tapestry of folly, drawbacks in our political system. And there must be a departure from vindictive politics of subjugation in our today’s political ideology.

Therefore, we passionately call on the people of Delta State to be conscious of their well-being which can only be guaranteed by good governance driven by credible, prudent, patriotic and incorruptible politicians.

We strongly note that the coming 2023 political dispensation is a time for the people of Delta State to identify with honest, credible and patriotic politicians imbued with sound administrative prowess that will grow the economy of the state and boost industrialization at unprecedented height, through which, unemployment will be frontally addressed.

Indeed, this is the best time to reward the best hands in Delta political system. We must go in search of credible men, and women of unassailable repute, by identifying them based on their marks and ratings in various human endeavours.

In a nutshell, 2023 is a decisive political year to shove charlatans and mediocres out of the political turf.

Deltans are earnestly yearning for good governance; they cannot endure another phase of unproductive leadership that will continually subject them to economic stagnation, economic pain and unbearable hardship.

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