“His Life Has Change” – Cubana Chief Priest Pledge to Make Teenager Millionaire

Cubana Chief Priest

The well-known Nigerian bartender Pascal Chibuike, better known as Cubana Chief Priest, has offered money to the young boy who stood in front of Labour Party candidate Peter Obi.

The teenager Yusuf Alimi stood in front of Peter Obi’s convoy at his Saturday Lagos rally, surprising many.

Alimi admitted in an interview that he loved Obi and stood in front of the convoy.

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In addition, he stated that if the presidential candidate won, he would pray for him.

The adolescent has gained popularity as a result of the praise he has received for his bravery.

The businessman Ifeanyi Onukwibiri was the first to offer him money.

On his social media page, he made it clear that he wants to give the young man N10,000.

This is the picture of the week. What should I say to this boy? I want to give him 100K. It’s youth time!!! I see hope for the common people returning! Sending”.

The Cubana Chief Priest agreed to alter the boy’s narrative and followed suit.

The socialite promised Yusuf Alimi a million dollars because he considers him a national treasure.

Also, I go as though sending is a better option. He needs to change his life.

Locate him; he needs to get rich. # LagosObidatti2023. It is impossible to forget the past. The boy must be located in the national Treasury by me and my team.

The Cubana Chief Priest has provided assistance to young Nigerians before.

To support the boy in the viral “eyeing video,” Cubana Chief Priest gave him N.5 million. This occurred last year, when a video of Cubana Chief Priest giving a fan a dirty look went viral and got Nigerians talking.

The Cubana Chief Priest made fun of the boy in a live Instagram video and promised to bless him with N500,000 (0.5 million) to get him interested in entertainment.

In addition, the Show Promoter stated that he would meet the boy in Lagos and spend money on him.

When he met his idol, the young man in the viral video, who appeared to be a fan of the well-known bartender and socialite, was overjoyed.

Sadly, Cubana ignored him and gave him a dirty look because of how messy he looked, which caused controversy online.

Cubana Chief Priest makes Yusuf Alimi a millionaire

Cubana Chief Priest makes Yusuf Alimi a millionaire


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