Kizz Daniel Dedicates New Song ‘Double’ to His Wife, Featuring Intimate Music Video

Kizz Daniel and wife

Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel has dedicated his latest song, “Double,” to his wife, MJay Anidugbe. The new single comes with a music video featuring his wife, showcasing their strong connection and affection.

The video, set to premiere on the same day as the song’s release, captures intimate and joyful moments between the couple, giving fans a glimpse into their beautiful bond.

In a statement, Kizz Daniel described the song as a celebration of love, partnership, and the double joy of sharing life’s journey with someone special.

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“I wanted to create a song that not only celebrates my love for my wife but also speaks to the beauty of partnership and family,” he said. “Having her grace the screen with me makes this project even more special to me. I hope that ‘Double’ resonates with everyone who listens and reminds them of the importance of love and togetherness.”

Kizz Daniel is one of the leading figures representing Afrobeats on the world stage.

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