Man Dies After Falling From Texas Border Wall While Trying To Enter The US

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According to Border Patrol, a Mexican man died after falling from the border wall in Texas.
The 31-year-old was seen climbing the border barrier on the Mexican side on March 16 west of the Paso Del Norte International Bridge in El Paso, according to a press release issued by the agency on Sunday, April 3.
The man was unconscious on the US side when agents arrived, with injuries to his upper body and head.
The man was treated for his injuries and eventually taken to an El Paso hospital, where he was placed on life support the next day.
The man died on March 22 after being taken off life support.
A growing number of immigrants have been injured while illegally entering the United States by climbing.
A growing number of immigrants have sustained injuries while entering the US illegally by climbing the border wall, El Paso immigrant advocate Ruben Garcia told The Post Monday, April 4.
As the director of Annunciation House, the largest immigrant shelter in El Paso, Garcia said he’s seeing immigrants who’ve hurt themselves on the wall two or three times a week.
“We’re receiving a 23-year-old ingenious woman from Guatemala who fell off the fence– fractured her ankle and then fractured her back. She’s coming to us in a wheelchair. We get those all of the time, all of the time,” Garcia said.

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