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One Delta Carnival Premieres in Warri Today

One Delta Carnival Premieres in Warri Today | Daily Report Nigeria

The much awaited One Delta Carnival will premiere today, December 16, 2022 in Warri, Delta State.

Themed ‘Cultural Gala, Delta Owanbe’, the event is billed to hold at the prestigious Urhobo College ground in Warri.

Convener of the carnival, Francis Umukoro, had told Daily Report Nigeria that the event is aimed at promoting peace and unity, culture and tourism, as well as a renaissance of what Warri once was.

He said;

“The One Delta Carnival is an event that a group of deltans came together to put up… In our team we have Urhobos, Igbos, Itsekiri, Ijaws the Isokos.

“The One Delta Carnival aims to promote peace and unity. While growing up we heard so many stories about tribal wars among Deltans. One thing we all need to understand is that the moment you leave Delta, you’re no longer identified as an Itsekiri or Ijaw but a Deltan.

One Delta Carnival Premieres in Warri Today | Daily Report Nigeria

“So the event intends to promote peace and unity among all ethnic groups in Delta State, and of course promote young talents. We are going to give room for creative minds to show the world what they know how to do.

“One industry that’s lacking behind in Delta is the modeling industry. There are lots of young persons that want to do this thing and we are hoping for this carnival to grow to a stage where by models would enjoy it and even earn from it.”

On the choice of Warri as host city, Mr. Tega Onu, a member of the organizing team said;

“We saw how Warri was in the past and how it is presently and we want to bring back the past glory of the city.

One Delta Carnival Premieres in Warri Today | Daily Report Nigeria

“Warri was a place that was booming with entertainment activities, night life but it’s no more. Lots of person have left Warri and One Delta Carnival is an annual event that aims to bring people back home and boost tourism as well.”

The One Delta Carnival will begin with a road procession from the popular Effurun Round About to the venue and will feature cultural displays, music, connections, fashion, art and craft.

Partnership and sponsorship enquiries can be made through 07019058288 or 07034602096.