One Delta Carnival Unites, Showcases Delta’s Beauty in Many Colors

It was a display of beauty encapsulated in unity when the maiden edition of the One Delta Carnival held on Friday, December16, 2022 in Warri, Delta State.

The culture-themed event which held at the open field of the Urhobo College, witnessed the exhibition of beautiful cultural attires and dance steps by the major ethnic nationalities in the state.

The Urhobos, Ijaws, Itsekiris, and Anioma nations of the state all thronged out in their beautiful attires to represent their cultures.

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Not only was culture displayed in whole, the event gave room for talented young Deltans to showcase their skills in music, choreography and comedy.

Speaking to Daily Report Nigeria at the event, convener of the One Delta Carnival, Francis Umukoro expressed delight for the wide embrace the carnival received from Deltans.

Quizzed on what he looked out for when organizing the carnival, Umukoro said;

“Cultural and tourism in the state was our major target. It is very important because a lot of Deltans have actually forgotten their culture and the younger ones don’t even know that we have this culture. Delta state has different tribes with diverse culture.

“This is a state that culture is supposed to earn money for us as well as improve our economy. So this what we are looking at for right now, promoting our culture and then promoting peace and unity among the various tribes in delta state.

“There have been so many cultural conflict in time past. Today is all about bringing the Urhobos, Itsekiris, Ijaws, Isokos and the Anioma together. We are all one Delta,” he said.

Umukoro also listed nurturing of talents as one of the tenets of the One Delta Carnival that would become an annual event.

“We gave a lot of young artists and dancers a platform to showcase themselves and they felt happy. Our major take home right now is satisfaction.”

Like any other people-oriented initiatives, the One Delta Carnival would need the support of the government and private agencies to thrive, and Umukoro thinks so too.

“I call on the Delta State Government, brands, entrepreneurs, to look into this project and see it has something they can be a part of on a yearly basis.”

For most of the participants and spectators, the One Delta Carnival must be given the need supported to enable it blossom to the mold of the popular Calabar Carnival.

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