Premarital S3x Is Overly Glorified— Actor Tedela

Premarital S3x Is Overly Glorified— Actor Tedela | Daily Report Nigeria

Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Tope Tedela has said that premarital s3x is overly glorified among young lovers in the current generation.

The actor stated this while reacting to a recent trend on social media about baby mama drama.

According to Tedela, young people are fast forgetting traditional values and religious teachings about s3x which was sacred.

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He added that abstinence from premarital s3x remained the best as directed by the holy books.

He said:

We now live in a world where s3x has been so glorified forgetting that the wedding night is meant to be the first time which makes it even more interesting.

“What did the bible say about premarital s3x? The world has turned upside down and we now think that having s3x before marriage is the real deal.

“There is nothing absolutely wrong in either men or women abstaining from premarital s3x. I’m not sure it’s a crime in any clime on this planet. Personally speaking, I admire and applaud anyone who chooses to tow that line.”

He further advised that relationships should be kept private and not public as it only gives space for unwanted opinions which may cause more harm than good.

He said:

“I honestly don’t blame those who are giving different opinions about other people’s lives because they brought it to the public’s ears. My opinion is that when you’re in a relationship with a person you should sort out your issues with your partner and/or a counselor – if the matter becomes too hot to handle. I honestly think that nobody on social media really cares, and bringing overly personal issues to social media is just a recipe to be used as entertainment. This saddens the heck out of me!”

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