Why Biafra is Unacceptable to Ijaws

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Basic points why Biafraism is unacceptable to Ijaws

By Okoi Amadiowei Jacob
1. All Ijaw Indigenes and Even Igbo Indigenes are quite aware that Ijaws and Igbos are created by God as Different Species of People with different Topographical Terrains, Languages, Religions, Cultural Habits and of Different Ethnic Societies from the Basis of Their Respective Existence here in their Natural Homes of Habitation before the Unnecessary Arrival of the Colonial Contingents to the Gulf of Guinea.

  1. God created the Ijaws as Ijaws and Not as Ijaw-Igbo hence We Ijaws are neither Nigerians nor Igbos but were coercively made to be Part of this Notorious Nation under Gun-Point Treaties which are Abominable under Democratic Diligence.

  2. The Ijaw Nation has both the Economic(Resources) and Human Capacities (Population) stipulated by International Standard to be accorded with Republic Status by the United Nations hence does not need Attachment with Any Tribal Group to Form Another Federation.

  3. The Igbos during the Regional Leadership Structure hijacked all the Employment and Scholarship Opportunities through Ojukwu Oppressive Leadership which prompted Isaac Boro to seek Redress but was shunned and insulted by Ojukwu. This infuriated Boro to Rise Against Oppression of Ijaws and Other Ethnic societies in the then Eastern Region. Therefore the Remote Cause of Boro’s Insurrection against the Government that led to his Arrest and Subsequent Sentencing by Aguiyi Ironsi was caused Too Much Oppression from the Leadership of the Eastern Region which was headed by Ojukwu. Ijaws therefore cannot go back to Second Phase Oppression in the hands of the Igbos.

  4. For being Open-Minded to Neighbours and Visitors, Igbos generally referred to Ijaws as Fools hence Fools cannot be in the Same Apartment with the Wisest People on earth. So there is No Need for Fools to be in Permanent Percentage with most Crafty Category of people.

  5. The Igbos Never Perceived Others especially the Ijaws as Important with Human Dignity hence are Not fully fit to be in Permanent Partnership with the Ijaws in Nation Necessity

  6. Igbos Presumed Craftiness as Knowledge and Intelligence hence are ever ready to express craftiness against Anyone who is not Naturally from Igbo. We Ijaws therefore cannot form a Federation with People that are inclined to Cheating the Ijaws Forever. Such a situation probably becomes from Frying Pan to Fire experience.

  7. Igbos expression of sudden Love for Ijaws to Form a Federation is as Terrible and Trickish as a Glittering Gift of Satan the Devil hence cannot be considered by any Sensitive and Intelligent Ijaw Son or Daughter at any given time.

  8. The Igbo Proponents of Biafraism had never made formal appeal to the Ijaws to consider their Biafra Agenda with official agreement rather they perceived Ijaws as Too Gullible Set of People hence can be easily conquered to accept whatever they proposed for us to and that is failure from the beginning approach.

  9. During the Civil War, the Ijaw Society was still in Support of the Igbos though many Ijaw Young men were forcefully recruited into the Nigerian Army to Fight for Nigeria. That was why even when Biafran Soldiers wanted to Cross Creeks and Rivers, the Ijaws would voluntarily helped them yet they killed such Good Samaritan Ijaws that offered Helping Hands to them.

  10. Our Great Grant Fathers Told Us Thoroughly How Igbos Cheated and ill treated them when they went to Onitsha Market for Trading.

  11. A Critical Analysis of the Biafra Cabinet initially Proposed was an Outright Indication that the Igbos will Cheat Us abundantly as all the Precious Portfolios in the Executive Arm of Government were credited to Igbos even the Petroleum Ministry while Ijaws and Effik were assigned with ordinary empty carcass Executive Offices.

  12. Nnamdi Kanu childishly thought that he is the First and Only Freedom Fighter in the world hence other Ethnic societies that do not support his Biafra agenda is insulted and even cursed to perish as if he were the Creator and Owner of the Ijaw society. It is Too Childish for him to make such Nonsense Utterances at his Age and Exposure in modern days existence.

  13. During the Civil War, the Igbos didn’t even fight the Hausas/Fulanis rather they fought and killed Innocent Ijaw People who even offered them HELP at such a risky moment. If Ijaws become part of them, they can go to any extent and will devise any deadly missile to Kill our Ijaw Strong Men even through poison by making use of their beautiful ladies hence Ijaws cannot be part of Biafra.

With these and other salient points, Ijaws cannot be Part of Biafra and that is Simple and Short! Nevertheless, Igbos are our Neighbours. We love them Whole-Heartedly yet we cannot Form A Faulty Federation with them. In behalf of fellow Ijaws, we wholly wish Nnamdi Kanu and his Igbo People well in their quest for their own Biafra Agenda and not with Ijaws-Igbo Biafra Bargain.

Okoi Amadiowei Jacob (Ijaw Ethnicity Rights Activist).

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Daily Report Nigeria

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