Will Cristiano Ronaldo be considered a Juventus Legend?

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Cristiano Ronaldo bid his Juventus teammates an official goodbye at Juventus’s Continassa training ground on Friday. Then he was on board a private jet to Lisbon. Max Allegri, Juventus’s noss, said that he was told by Ronaldo that he had “no intention” staying in the club anymore.

What has been said

“Yesterday, speaking with Cristiano, he told me that he has no intention to stay at Juventus and for this reason, he will not be called up tomorrow [against Empoli] and he didn’t train this morning,” Allegri said.

The Italian expressed no disappointment in Ronaldo’s decision, was quite supportive in his statement, saying Cristiano took his own decision of which he has every right to do. Furthermore, he commended Ronaldo’s effort for three years; his contribution and devotion to the growth of the club. Ronaldo is known to always make himself available for the club, Juventus. So, if he decides to leave, his efforts should be commended. Moreover, life goes on.

“Cristiano did a lot for this club, he is a great champion”

He wished the champion all the luck in the world in whichever club he decides to play. He thanked Ronaldo for his great contribution. In addition, Juve’s boss talked about his exemplary behavior and how much he motivated the team. Max Allegri said he only wants to be thankful for what Ronaldo did for Juventus.

From the speech given by Max Allegri, it can be concluded that Cristiano Ronaldo is a legend and has engraved his story in the Italian’s heart, and he will never be forgotten.

What did he achieve at Juventus?

Ronaldo has always been known for his remarkable performance on the pitch. From the beginning of his career till now, he is known to break records.

Below is the excellence he achieved in Juventus before he left;

  • He reached 100 goals with the club: He is the fastest player to have done this in the history of the club. He scored 100 goals in 131 games for the Italian club. The 100th goal was netted on Wednesday just two days before he signed off from the club.
  • He scored 50 goals in Serie A (61 appearances). This made him the fastest player in the history of the Aerie A to do so.
  • He scored at least one goal in 11 consecutive Serie A games. He is one of the three players to do this.
  • He scored 30+ league goals in one single season in three of Europe’s top-five divisions. He is the first player to do so.

Judging from all these remarkable feats by arguably the best player ever; will he be considered a legend at Juventus?

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