Bride Price is a Glorified Way to Sell a Woman – Douye Diri’s Aide

Bride Price is a Glorified Way to Sell a Woman - Douye Diri's Aide | Daily Report Nigeria

A man identified as Bodmas P. Kemepadei said on Friday, April 29 via Facebook that bride price payment is an indirect way of selling off a woman.

The reason, according to Kemepadei, is because the woman, her family, and in some cases the neighbours received money from the man.

Having done this, the woman is further compelled to follow her husband home to be his wife.

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He concluded by saying that if the above procedure is not given the right name (sale of women), then the bride’s family should be arrested.

He said:
The day a woman marries; father collects money, mother collects, brother collects, both families of the Bride’s parents also get their’s, compound people also receives cash, even the bride collects her share from the groom, the man pays everyone, after confirmation of all payments made to the Bride’s family, the woman is then officially handed over to the man, and he goes home with the woman as his wife.

If this is not regarded as a glorified way to sell a WOMAN to the MAN, then it is pure fraud, and the families of the bride should be arrested.”

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