Teni Fumes at Those Trying to Teach Her How to Spend Her Money

Teni Fumes at Those Trying to Teach Her How to Spend Her Money | Daily Report Nigeria

Nigerian singer Teni has responded to trolls who
appear unhappy with the assistance she rendered.

A few days ago on social media, the singer called out those trying to teach her how to spend her money and who to help.

The singer revealed her love is natural hence it is not bounded by race, ethnicity, or nationality.

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This, according to her, is because she believes in God who is love, therefore those who don’t have love in their hearts should not interfere in her show of generosity.

She viewed Nigeria would be better when people start to see themselves as one.

She said:
I’m human first before any tribe, ethnicity, race or nationality. I choose humanity. I’m not blinded by religion either, I believe in God, and he is love. Don’t preach to me if you ain’t got love in your heart. Selfish muhfuckers wanna dictate to me how to spend my money and who to help. You’re part of the problem we’re trying to fight. Fix your self.”

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