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10 Lizberg Songs You Should Listen to

10 Lizberg Songs You Should Listen to | Daily Report Nigeria

Lisbon Awiki, popularly known as Lizberg is arguably the biggest artiste awaiting full-blown stardom across the Niger Delta.

The Delta-born star has consistently and painstakingly released hit songs since making his breakthrough about a decade ago.

Still very much a budding star, Lizberg has demonstrated dexterity by way of his pen game and strong vocals.

From rapping, singing, songwriting, trapping, reggae, and even local parlance, the ABOH boss has delivered soul-lifting lyrical prowess.

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Below, we list ten of Lizberg’s songs worth your listening.

1. Life Sha

10 Lizberg Songs You Should Listen to | Daily Report Nigeria

Perhaps the most evergreen song in Lizberg’s discography, the singer elucidates the emptiness of life in Life Sha.

In a survey among fans, Life Sha was voted the best song Aguramen has served his fans.

A worthy listen if you dare.

Listen to Life Sha

2. So I Pray

This is one song by Lizberg that reiterated his belief in prayers.

Delivered straight from the heart, So I Pray is one song you would enjoy in bed.

3. Aboboye

Another prayer tune, the singer engaged befitting vocals for this seraphic medley.

Simply translated as ‘Miracle’, Aboboye guarantees satisfaction to every listener.

4. Dear Penelope

Lizberg is a born dreamer, and in Penelope, the singer laments about a nightmare he wishes was just that.

Listen to Penelope and share your thoughts.

5. Sololo


Undoubtedly the biggest song in Lizberg’s archive, Sololo is a banger in and out of any season.

Izontubo emphatically expressed unblemished wherewithal with the introduction of the Izonpiano sound, first with Debit Alert before cementing it with Sololo.

The song has continued to receive air plays and widespread acknowledgment, making the singer crown himself the biggest act in the region currently.

6. Dear Ex

In Dear Ex, Lizberg recounts the joys and pains of a broken relationship. Ex must have shown him pepper.

7. Problem Too Much

This is one song Aguramen soliloquizes on the possibilities of escaping the many troubles life throws at him.

Still, wishes aren’t horses.

8. Bus Stop

Love is a beautiful thing and even Lizberg identifies that with Bus Stop. He revels in the beauty of finding the right woman.

This wedding-themed song should be in the playlist for the next marriage ceremony you will attend.

9. Olotu

This is one song the rapper expressively laid claim to his place in the rap game.

Addressing the many doubts he has been chided with regards to his craft, Lizberg revels in the many firsts he recorded in the industry.

10. Phone Call

10 Lizberg Songs You Should Listen to | Daily Report Nigeria

One is left to wonder if Lizberg has a hard luck with relationships after listening to this song.

The pain, lamentation, and regret portrayed in this song make it a must-listen.

Listen to Phone Call


It is expedient to clarify that Lizberg is primarily a rapper and a great testimony of his rap prowess is contained in Opuanda, Master, Drippin, Oya Ebugha, etc.

Whether he is rapping, singing or on features, Lizberg has always delivered beyond expectations.

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