2023: Friends Purchase APC Presidential Form For Senate President, Ahmad Lawan

By Daily Report Nigeria
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Political associates on Monday purchased the N100 million Expression of Interest and Nomination forms of the All Progressives Congress, for Senate President, Ahmad Lawan.

According to the friends who said they have the backing of Lawan to pick the forms, Nigeria needs a “Nigerian president” and not one given to ethnic sentiments.

Speaking to newsmen, leader of the group, Chief Sam Nkire, also accused the Peoples Democratic Party of pushing the APC to abandon zoning the presidency.

According to him, it would lead to political suicide if the PDP zones its presidential ticket to the North, and the APC acts contrary.

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“We are not here on our own, we have his backing. Even though friends and brothers contributed to purchase this form for him but he has given us the go ahead”.

“We are here you can see beside and behind me Senators and senior members businessmen and politicians who are members of the All Progressives Congress and some other Nigerians who want a new president.

“We want the current Senate President to be the president of Nigeria for many reasons. National stability one, and a president that we are bringing for the Nigerian people is a Nigerian president, not an Igbo president, not a Fulani president, not a Yoruba president, but a Nigerian president who we have watched and see that there would be no other candidate that will be so level-headed and someone who has the feeling of the poor Nigerians”.

“Let me tell you, every politician is in politics to win. It is PDP that is driving us to do this. We have said so, but we don’t want PDP to take the government from us. If you give the position to a southerner and PDP gives to a northerner, APC will go into the wilderness and we are not ready to go into the wilderness”.

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