2023 General Elections: Is it an Algorithm For Political Freedom?

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It is a data-driven consensus that, Nigeria and its citizens are plagued by a common enemy irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds or political affiliations: poverty is on the high daily, political ineptitude is very profound lately, ethnic bigotry, and recycled corrupt political actors parade the political space.

Compounding this unwelcome situation is the political dementia of the foot soldiers of these petrodollar politicians.

To make the situation chaotic in Arogbo Ibe (kingdom) is the dust raised by who is to represent the good people of Ilaje/Ese-Odo Federal Constituency in the Federal House of Representatives, where the foot soldiers of these politicians across party and ethnic lines throw missiles-like darts at every opportunity.

At this point in our political journey as a people, we are faced with dire political conundrum. We could not afford to make the millions mistakes of the past which led us to this sorry-state which has threatened the development and the very foundation of our corporate existence.

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However, it is snow clear that Nigerians have to fight or attack this common enemy from all human fronts unbiased or unsscuttled if we want to socially, economically and politically liberate our people.

We have the opportunity as a people to collectively bulldoze or fight this monstrous enemy and address the political ineptitude of our politicians.

We will all agree that, Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world. It is safe to say that Nigeria is ranks 161st out of 189 countries in the world index going into the 2023 elections. The question should be how do we elect leaders that will ameliorate or water down this situation rather than stomach politics?

The task before us should be to elect politicians with the right leadership charisma, leaders with unquestionable character with the zeal to serve at all levels and leaders with sound education background rather than sing the praise of politicians with ethnocentric fallacies and fraternity. Gone are those days!

Our concern now should be to elect leaders who vehemently understand the true yearnings and the precarious challenges of the Arogbo child or the Nigerian child and the very fundamental issues at stake-where Nigeria had been in the last six decades, and where the citizens want to go. Now is the time to liberate the country from this economic quagmire.

We must be rudely awakened and rudely so and be guided by the principle that Nigeria must be made to work once again rather than the lies and the slanderous missiles or hate speech we throw at each other. Bygone fits in its place.

Political parties and politicians are full of empty-fake-promises with ethnocentric fallacies. We should be guided.

One reason we must not fail this time around as a people is the fact that this is an opportunity for us to create a market where all of us can buy without discrimination after the elections and a call to liberate Nigeria from the hands of the oppressors.
An unholy alliance, alignment and re-alignment tied to political parties and based on ethnic line is a disservice to the motherland and the generations yet unborn.
The Nigeria of our dreams is here again; the decades of the New Nigeria could be realized.

We must ensure to elect leaders without greed and a radical opposition to corruption; New leaders who are well prepared to offer themselves to serve at the highest and lowest levels until we re-engineer and reposition the social, economic and political growth and development of the country.

Sure enough, after the elections come 2023, we shall all appear at the popular Agadagba market (Obon) to once again test our sensibility where the traders shall not discriminate against us neither along party nor ethnic lines; nobody is identified by either APC or PDP, Ijaw or Ilaje, Arogbo or Apoi, and of course Arogbo or Ukparama. What shall count for us is the economic situation at that time.

There is always the danger with political and ethnic or religious coloration to an election. The people will frequently misunderstand the magnitude of the task of electing right leaders along these divide. Nigeria is 360 degree backward as a result of the previous elections based on this sentiment.

This “inadvertence” could spell doom for the country and its citizens after the 2023 elections.
We should tread cautiously this time around.

Let us therefore, elect leaders that are ready to rework Nigeria, leaders that are ready to serve and who are desirous of bringing the dividend of democracy to Nigerians.

The era of electing the opposite- mediocratic leaders spread across ethnic or political party line is consequently ludicrous.

A stitch in time saves nine.

Chief Daudoubira Lubi JP
Writes from Elizade University Ilara-Mokin, Ondo state, Nigeria

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Daily Report Nigeria

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