2023: Guard Your PVCs More Than Your ATM Cards– FG to Nigerians

By Tapre Timine
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Nigerians have been asked to guard their Permanent Voter Cards more than their Automated Teller Machine, ATM cards as the former is a weapon to vote in credible leaders in 2023.

The National Orientation Agency, NOA’s Director, Muhammad Gabdo stated this on Tuesday while appearing in an interview in Adamawa, Yola city.

He said:

PVC is the weapon for electorates to be able to vote credible leaders of various elective positions in the country.

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“Among which are for the electorates to secure their PVCs more than their ATM cards, deny any person to take any number on the cards so that nobody will go and use it for different purposes due to its importance.

“That is why we are saying it is your weapon, if you mistakenly allow it to happen, they may fight against you and the country.

“With the PVC, you can exercise your constitutional rights of voting credible leaders who will provide quality leadership to secure your lives and provide opportunities for you to get more money.

“And if you did not vote credible leaders even if you have the money, the ATM may not be useful because of poor leadership.”

The director further urged political parties to play the game of politics according to rules and desist from using youths as thugs.


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