2023: Oborevwori Chased Companies, Businesses Out of Delta – Omo-Agege

2023: Oborevwori Chased Companies, Businesses Out of Delta - Omo-Agege | Daily Report Nigeria

The Delta State All Progressives Congress governorship candidate, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, has accused his Peoples Democratic Party, opponent, Sheriff Oborevwori, of chasing away companies and businesses out of the state.

According to Omo-Agege, Oborevwori chased out the businesses that once boosted the economy of the Delta State through organized criminal extortion known as “Deve.”

The Deputy Senate President said Oborevwori started the illegal and unregulated taxation of companies and businesses in the Osubi area, but rapidly spread to Uwvie and then other parts of the state.

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Omo-Agege said this while speaking at Otor-Udu, Ovwian and Aladja, during the ongoing ward to ward campaigns of the APC, adding that the widespread illegal taxation and general intimidation of private businesses in the state caused many of them to either fold up or relocate from Delta.

He told the mammoth crowd of party faithful and supporters that the 2023 governorship election in the state is too important to the Deltans, and that the destiny of Delta State should not be left in the hands of “thugs and persons of dubious character.”

He said the next governor should be somebody who is academically qualified, mentally equipped, and one who has an interest in the development of the economy of the State.

At this critical stage, Delta does not need a governor who has no basic knowledge of Development Economics that can design policies that positively impact the citizens of the State.

“Deltans do not need the chairman or leader of touts who had been actively involved in chasing away investors that were doing business here, in the name of ‘Deve’.”

He described Delta Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa, as ”a very wicked man who does not have the interest of Deltans at heart.” It is for this reason, he added, among all the Urhobo sons and daughters who served in his government, “he chose a tout and ‘Deve’ Collector to succeed him.”

“It is time to chase Okowa and his ‘Deve’ Collector, Sheriff, away from the State and punish them for misappropriating resources of Delta State for seven years and seven months. You can do this by voting all candidates of APC,” he said.

He expressed disappointment with the present situation at the Delta Steel Complex situated in Aladja, stressing that if the purpose of privatizing it was to increase efficiency and create wealth and jobs, the purpose has so far been roundly defeated.

Omo-Agege promised to liaise with relevant authorities to do something about the company so that the people can benefit from its presence on their land. He also assured retirees of DSC who had not been paid that he would address their issue as soon as he became governor.

Senator Omo-Agege lamented the state of the strategic Udu Bridge, which he said has become a deathtrap, “and regrettably Governor Ifeanyi Okowa is waiting until casualties are recorded so that he can set up a committee to plan their funeral.”

“But I commit to you, when I am elected governor by the grace of God, we will reconstruct the Udu Bridge. I give you my assurance, we will reconstruct the bridge. What will the bridge cost that Governor Ifeanyi Okowa could not spare considering the wealth of the State, and allow it to continue to endanger the lives of Deltans? Count on me , trust me, we will do it. Just let me emerge as governor and we will address the problems of Udu people”.

Senator Omo-Agege also thumped his chest that he has delivered on all the campaign promises he made in 2015 and 2019. From his Light up Urhoboland programme where every community in Delta central has been touched, as well as renovation and sometimes, outright reconstruction of schools across Central, to new legacy projects, like the Federal Polytechnic, Orogun, among others, he can confidently say he has delivered.

Also today, he commissioned a self help water project built by beneficiaries of his women empowerment programme in Ubogo market, Udu. The unplanned event happened when enthusiastic market women “waylaid “ his campaign convoy and demanded he that he commissions the project, in acknowledgement of his contributions to their businesses.

Speaking earlier, Delta APC chairman, Elder Omeni Sobotie, urged Deltans to vote against rascals and hooligans, and vote for all APC candidates, who he described as credible, well educated, and who have the interest of the people at heart.


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