2023: Timiadi Akuna Ready to Build a New Burutu North – Yangaboy

Daily Report Nigeria
Daily Report Nigeria
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Yangaboy Erekedoumene Jonathan, the Media Coordinator of the Justification-23 project, has marked frontline House of Assembly aspirant for Burutu North, Justice Timiadi Akuna ready.

In a statement obtained by Daily Report Nigeria, Yangaboy noted that the Ogulagha Kingdom Youth Council President was ready to build a new Burutu North Constituency.

He buttressed that Akuna has a vision and master plan to build a better Burutu, empowering youths and women, and as well as giving hope to all.


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Repeating a particular shirt year in, and year out would lead to either the quality of the material depreciating or the wearer assumed to have only one shirt.

Burutu has been repeating the same pattern of leadership year in, and year out and this has devalued leadership, impeded development, and shunned visionary and productive leadership.

I can recall, during the campaigns for the 2019 elections, an encouraging number of youths indicated an interest in several political offices under the PDP.

Many spent their meagre resources, dusted their credentials, prepared their golden manifestos, as a nightingale would sing melodiously, they shared their youthful and futuristic visions but jammed the high fences the oligarch’s politics has built for them and sank to the bottomless pit with both their resources and vision.

Unfortunately, many of those who dared to lead have left the PDP and others have killed their young, beautiful and people-oriented dreams with the quote “Who nor go, nor know”

This is yet another opportunity to bring fresh air into Burutu politics and a ready youth with sterling qualities, Hon Justice Timiadi Akuna has indicated interest to run for the Burutu North Constituency seat, DTHA under the PDP, promising to bring democracy and its dividends to Burutu people.

Hon Akuna who has worked for the Peoples Democratic Party from the party’s early days has declared his interest to both ward leaderships, stakeholders, and the Burutu PDP executives.

In my entangled state, I am asking myself if Burutu would ignore this vibrant youth again, put on the old, worn clothes that have been used year in, year out and continue to lament the failures of the system in the future?

If we must move a step forward, we must make a strong decision for Burutu.

Our dear delegates must shun the oligarchs and their money politics, embrace fresh and visionary leadership and encourage youths and women to participate in politics.

Our Burutu PDP leadership must give hope to the youths that leadership is open for them and not only to the money bags that have come into power year in, and year out while the larger Burutu population mourn their economic and political wounds year in, and year out.

Hon Justice Timiadi Akuna is ready, not with the money, but with the vision and master plan to build a better Burutu PDP, Burutu people, empowering youths and women and giving hope to all.

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