5 Reasons Women Don’t Have To Shave Their Armpit Hairs

5 Reasons Women Don’t Have To Shave Their Armpit Hairs

Why Women Don’t Have To Shave Their Armpit Hairs

There are several reasons why women should consider not shaving their armpit hair. But in this article, we’re only going to talk about five.

According to checks, shaving underarms can lead to dermatological problems such as ingrown hairs, razor burns, rashes, and irritation.

Not shaving reduces skin-on-skin contact friction, which means when you do activities that involve arm movement, like running or walking, your skin is much less likely to get irritated by the friction.

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This might lead to fewer skin issues like rashes and ingrown hairs.

Moreover, shaving body hair may have been considered a way to reduce odours, infections, and pests in the past.

However, now whether or not to shave one’s body hair is purely an aesthetic choice.

Below are five reasons why one shouldn’t shave underarm hair:

1. It Is An Unrealistic Social Norm That Targets Only Women.

Some women argue that they shave their armpits because men don’t undergo such painful cosmetic procedures and women have to submit to society’s pressures for beauty and perfection. If men don’t need to shave, why should they?

2. Bumps, Inflammation, And Ingrown Hairs.

Shaving your armpits won’t automatically give you smoother armpits. Using a dull razor can cause bumps, irritation, and even infection. Some people want to skip this entire process to avoid shaving.

3. Pheromones.

The hair on the genitals and armpits is said to emit pheromones that attract mates. It is believed that your natural scent and even your hair make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

4. Carcinogenic Chemicals.

Some shaving creams and deodorants have not been scientifically proven to cause cancer. However, there is a link between some chemicals and cancer. Although the levels of carcinogenic chemicals are minimal, some people think this is enough to stop using chemicals.

5. You Don’t Need to Shave to Keep Your Armpits Clean.

Armpit hair indeed increases sweating and harbors bacteria, but these can all be countered by bathing frequently, using natural deodorant, and wearing loose-fitting clothing.


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