Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack: ‘Reason I Stopped Negotiation With Terrorists’ — Mamu

By Tapre Timine
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An associate of a popular Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, Mallam Tukur Mamu has spoken on reasons why he withdrew from negotiation with terrorists that attacked the Abuja-Kaduna bound train in March 2022.

It was gathered that terrorists have just released five more victims of the March 28 attack.

Speaking during an interview with Arise TV on Thursday, Mamu, who has been playing the role of a mediator between the government, the terrorists, and their victims, stated that he will no longer participate in dialogue with terrorists as his life is in danger.

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He stated that he has received threats over his involvement in securing the freedom of the victims amid difficult situations.

Another reason was that he was not receiving the full support of the government, hence it was a dangerous move.

Mamu let out that no ransom was paid for the release of the captives so far but with only negotiations and dialogue.

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He said:
We achieved that through dialogue, thorough negotiation and through the spirit of give and take. No matter what you do, just imagine this is my son or this is my mother or this is my brother spending all this period in captivity.

I’m under serious pressure from some of them. They think the little we are doing is a show of incapacity of the military, which is not so. We are not criticising the military. We are not criticising the federal government. We are only advising them this is the right step to take especially in this very critical and unpredictable situation.

I have announced my withdrawal from engaging with these people because I have my reasons. First when you are doing something as an army of one, even if you will succeed, the success will be very little. And in the situation where there is virtually no support from the government and no form of appreciation from the government. And in a situation whereby you are even being threatened in one way or the other, I think the best way in the corrupt system we have (is to withdraw).

One will even risk the tendency of losing his life not from the terrorists of course but from the corrupt society and then the tendency to even blackmail.”

Mamu also shared his experience with the bandit.

He said:
They are people with distorted religious beliefs. The blood they shed is even justified as long as you didn’t share their religious belief. Do we allow them until they start killing these people until we act?”

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