Are You a Leader?

A leader is a servant to all. If you don’t have a heart to serve others without looking for reward, you are not a leader.

If you stop doing good because nobody recognizes your kind gesture, you are not a leader.

If you see your followers making mistakes, but you keep quiet saying, “If they don’t call me for advice, I will allow them learn by experience.” Your attitude depicts that you are not a leader.

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Do you have the “Pull them Down syndrome?” When you see someone doing better than you, what do you do, encourage or pull them down?

A genuine leader should not desire the downfall of his followers who are better than him. If you close doors for your subordinates because you are afraid they will be far better than you, you are not a leader.

If you don’t produce your kind, you are the only champion doing great and mighty things, you are not a leader.

Never forget that every good leader must have a better successor.

As a leader, you must feed on knowledge. Don’t be stagnant, improve yourself so you can make impact.

As a leader, be a ladder for others to climb to the top. Don’t pull them down. Your desire should be to make your followers better than yourself.

Be humble, let them learn from your mistakes. Do not watch them grope in darkness when you can guide them as a light.

A leader should be compassionate. How can you be comfortable when your followers are living in abject poverty?
A leader should have the heart of a father. A father leads and ensures his family is safe. A good leader should provide for his own.

A leader should have the heart of a mother. When the child is sick, the mother runs helter skelter to ensure his quick recovery.
Why do you pretend you don’t know your followers are suffering?

A leader should not allow evil people to make him wicked. No matter how good you are, some people will not like you.
Do what is right for conscience sake and leave the rest.

A leader should not be partial in judgement. We need leaders who can be fair in judgement.
Be a voice to the voiceless in the society. Treat the rich and the poor alike with love and kindness.

Do you have the loving heart of a leader?
You are probably wondering this article is meant for our leaders over there.
You are wrong. It is meant for you. I mean you that is reading it now.

You are a leader in your own sphere of influence
You wonder, “Really, I don’t think so. I am just a follower.”
You are far from the truth. Believe it or not, you are a leader
You might be under training but know that you are a leader all the same.

In your home, you are a leader. Start making impact from there
Remember charity begins at home.

In your Organisation, be a great leader. Wherever you are placed to watch over people, please be a good leader. Don’t just be a leader, be a great one.

Being a leader is a privilege. Don’t misuse it neither should you take undue advantage of your subordinates.

You are a leader to nurture great minds into fulfilling their destiny
Remember what is worth doing at all is worth doing well
I see the spirit of leadership in you awakening into limelight

God bless our leaders
God bless our country
God bless you
Our leaders must wake up

Prince Adewale Samson
Re-Awaken initiative of Nigeria
(RAIN) Coordinator

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