‘Be Wary of Politicians,’ Activist Advises Tobi Amosun

By Tapre Timine
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A social media activist simply identified as Comr. Israel Joe has written an open letter to Tobi Amusan, winner of 100 metres hurdles of the 2022 World Athletics Championship held in Oregon, USA.

Joe said;
Open letter to Tobi Amusan

I wish to give you this piece of advise in the public space as being an activist and Student of history and biography has taught many things.

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You’re heralded and praised right now by almost all the politicians in Nigeria and off course men and women of Timber and calibre. Don’t allow such praises get into you. I understand that you’re a humble person. These praises do not come to you because they love you. It comes from majority of our leaders because of their selfish interest to deceive the public that they care about your victory and championship.

Truth be told, Nigeria does not value her heroes as long as they no longer occupy the space of world’s eyes. In few months, you will be out of social media hype and be made to face your personal life which you have faced before this breakthroughs. What will keep you going is how much relationships you keep across the borders now, your investments and deals you do with what you have right now.

99 percent of Nigeria’s former champions who never invested but allowed fame got into them right now are poor and helpless despite the joy and victories they brought to the country. Sometimes their health fail without no help from anyone. Again my dear let me remind you that Nigerians do not place value on their former champions and heroes.

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This is Bassey Etim, who won a gold medal at the 1983 Commonwealth Games in Malta setting world records then. He stated that he suffered an injury while representing Nigeria at the 1984 Olympic Games. Your guess is as good as mine. He has been longed left alone to his personal life. Suffering and doing menial jobs to make ends meet. Just recently, he was spotted digging sands to cover potholes on major roads in order to get favours from road users so he could put food on his table.

I’m a novelist and Activist but a very committed investor. I invest in real Estate not because I want you to involve me in any of your dealings but to prepare for my old age and that of my family, because, no matter the victories you win for Nigeria today, they will never care about you when you step out of the stage. Check all the former Super Eagles and Super Falcon players including Golden Eagles and athletes, the ones who didn’t invest are suffering in neglect and regret because they thought champions remain on the stage forever.

Most of them are now endorsing politicians for elections not for credibility but to put food on their tables. As a financial coach, I look at them and laugh in hysteria. Same politicians who could not prepare a better future for athletes are being endorsed by same athletes. In civilised climes, yourself and many other former champions are the ones who should be placed on ‘salary for life’ not former governors, presidents and political office holders.

I care about more of your future than your present as it is. I want to study champions more closely in their future than even interacting with them now. I want my dear country to put these champions on permanent health insurance, financial allowances and ‘salary for life’ instead of having politicians on such list.

Conclusively, my dear and all other champions, please for emphasis, understand that Nigeria do not care about their former champions and heroes. Know this and start your investment plans NOW.

Comr. Israel Joe.”

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