Beverly Osu Opens Up About Dropping Out of University

Beverly Osu

Beverly Osu, the well-known Nigerian actress and model, recently shared insights into her decision to drop out of university.

During the latest episode of “The Discourse With Ken,” Beverly opened up about her experience balancing her emerging career as a video vixen with her studies.

She revealed that initially, her academic pursuits were progressing smoothly until she began facing criticism for her involvement as a vixen.

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“In Babcock University everything was nice and education was going well but because I was on TV at the age of 16 as a video vixen.

“Nigerians did not understand the term video vixen then so they always used to criticise me and take pictures to school. I used to get in trouble in school every weekend, and I mean every weekend,” she said.

On why she left the institution, she said: “I just felt that let me leave before it gets sour, you know how Babcock is, it’s very strict for lack of a better word. I left because I felt so comfortable doing what I was doing and I knew I could balance it, so I left.”

Regarding her parents’ reaction to her decision, Beverly mentioned that while her mother was initially unhappy, she eventually came to terms with it.

“My mum didn’t believe that I left and she was like ‘After all the money I paid.’ We had struggled back and forth because of it but at a point, she just knew that ‘This girl is determined and Ada would do what Ada wants to do.’ I strived because I knew that modelling was it for me,” she concluded.

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