Biafra War: Retired Soldier Shares Experience, Gives Advice

Biafra War: Retired Soldier Shares Experience, Gives Advice | Daily Report Nigeria

A retired Nigerian soldier has shared his experiences about the Biafra war.

The veteran, Sati Bedanke Yilwat served with the Nigerian Army Artillery, and is currently a Colonel as the Legion’s chairman.

Read his interview with Weekend Trust below…

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Take us through your experiences during the war…

“As soon as the war started, we went to Ogoja in Cross River State, then to Calabar and then, Bonny, before arriving at Port Harcourt. The soldiers ahead of us operated from Ninth Mile, to Nsukka and then Enugu. After we captured Owerri, the opponents came from Umuahia and captured Owerri. We had to withdraw before taking it back. We fought vigorously till the war ended.”  


Any words for the current agitators for separation?

I want to appeal to the agitators, especially those from the eastern part of the country to stop it. The country is complex and division will only lead to endless wars and shedding of innocent blood.

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Many people from the South-east are scattered across the country in large numbers with huge investments. If there should be division, what will happen to those living outside their region? Besides, the North also has many people in the southern part.


It will also be difficult for the South-eastern people to separate from Nigeria, as they are in the middle of other regions/states and do not have boundary with other countries. If no other region is willing to join them, how can they become a country in the middle of another country? I call on those fueling agitations to stop. War is easy to start, but difficult to stop.


What can be done to stop the agitations?

The government should provide good leadership that will benefit and pacify all. The security operatives should be professional in their fight against insurgency, banditry and other security challenges. With dedication to duty and non-partisanship on the part of security operators, the insecurity in the country will be tackled.


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