Blessing CEO Opens Up Why She Left Her 5-Bedroom Duplex

By Tapre Timine
3 Min Read

A Nigerian controversial relationship guru, Blessing Nkiruka Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO, has revealed why she moved from a 5-bedroom duplex rented apartment to her own house.

The mother of two while sharing her experience on Instagram encouraged women to work hard and never settle for less.

She said:
Let me inspire you ….This is a 5 bedroom duplex with a bq , park 5 cars. Very massive.. but I said I don’t want to pay rent again. This was where I lived before I moved into my own home ..When I was renting this place, everyone said it was too big, Nkiruka what are you doing with a 5 bedroom duplex, the house is for big family 😀. I paid for it and moved in, I told myself this is a reminder of what I want to own for myself. I refuse to be too comfortable, I refused to furnish this house to a taste 😀 because I knew if I did I will become too relaxed to move out. My kids kept saying mummy we don’t have couch in our sitting room, I will say manage when we move to our house I will buy 😀😀..I lived here for just 1 year and 4 months and I am out ……. Just set your mind to it, no be joke you can attain any hight you want too. My dreams became so big when I saw a lot of people achieve it here on social media.

Listen to me you lovers of blessingceo. Don’t let any blogger mess with your mind, you can do it too, my life changed in just few months .. don’t let them tell u rubbish, a lot of bloggers feed from negativity and they understand that if they teach you positivity you won’t be needing them. So they will lie, fabricate, drag, and say anything to keep the gist going. But remember gist is not fact, a lot of us are making it legit. The difference is that you might not be as dedicated and consistent like us because of your mind set. You can be anything you want to be just forget the noise ..
This is to inspire you, but if u still feel intimidated, hit head for wall…. I no send ur papa.”

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