Brymo Urges Burna Boy to Resign from Pop Scene

Brymo and Burna Boy

In a bold move, singer Olawale Olọfọrọ, widely recognized as Brymo, has called on his colleague Burna Boy to step back from the pop scene.

He urged the ‘African Giant’ artist to channel his efforts towards a meaningful cause and concentrate on it. Brymo suggested that despite Burna Boy’s international achievements, he still seeks acknowledgment because Brymo views himself as being on a deity level in the music industry.

Furthermore, the ‘Ara’ singer expressed his willingness to assist Burna Boy if approached respectfully, like a man.

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On his Instagram story, Brymo wrote: “@BurnaBoyGram Yo! Three things… 1. You need to leave the pop scene. You are seriously looking almost ugly and with a voice like mine that can’t sing to boot, take a cause and focus. You need to give the world the things you were deprived.

“2. Am on deity level. Any wonder why you can’t resist the yearning for my attention? Not even your international renown is enough to make you look past me who does not have anything supposedly close to what you are purported to have.

“What do you want? I can help if you ask like a man and respectfully.”

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