‘Buhari Left Tinubu Shambolic Economy’ – Obaseki

'Buhari Left Tinubu Shambolic Economy' - Obaseki | Daily Report Nigeria

Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki has absolved President Bola Tinubu of responsibility for Nigeria’s economic woes, instead blaming his predecessor, Muhammadu Buhari, for the country’s economic challenges.

According to Obaseki, the Buhari administration’s excessive printing of money led to inflation and a struggling economy.

He stressed that the current administration inherited a dire economic situation, including a cash glut, dependence on foreign exchange from oil production, and insecurity affecting food production.

The Governor believed it would be unrealistic to expect a quick turnaround within a year, given the depth of the problems.

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He urged a focus on short-term solutions to stabilize the country and long-term strategies for sustainability.

Obaseki also highlighted the need for both monetary and fiscal policy interventions, noting that the federal government must take responsibility for its role in the economic crisis, as it receives 52 per cent of the country’s revenue.

In his view, the federal government should prioritize addressing its own spending habits and fiscal discipline before criticizing states, which receive only 26 per cent of revenue.

By doing so, he stated, the federal government can set a positive example for the states to follow.

Obaseki pointed out the need for constructive dialogue and problem-solving rather than trading blame.

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