Burutu South Constituency: I’m Experienced, Qualified and Will Bring More – Pudiya Biakpara

By Daily Report Nigeria
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A frontline aspirant for the Burutu South Constituency seat in the Delta State House of Assembly, Dominic Pudiya Biakpara, has declared himself for and to make beneficial laws for his people.

According to the Pudiya, he is has requisite experience for the job, qualified and can offer more to his constituents.

He stated this when he appeared on the Road to 2023 program on Daily Report Nigeria over the weekend.

The Majority Leader of the Burutu Legislative Arm said he is already prepared to set the ground running once elected into office.

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Pudiya, who lamented the dead state of the economic base as a pointer to underdevelopment in his constituency, stated facing the issues head-on as his priority.

On what his set plan for Burutu South Constituency is, Pudiya said;

Like I told my constituency when I declared, our real problem is very poor economic base. How do make laws that will grow the economic base?

“Most of us have left our constituency for greener pastures and that economic flight has actually affected the people because sound businessmen having the business activities outside the constituency. Having their living house outside the constituency.

“Its not their fault. The economy of the place is not just viable for them. We have to increase the economic base. That’s the first thing we’ll do.”

The experienced Councillor disclosed that as a measure to tackle the poor economic output of Burutu South Constituency, a Burutu/Bomadi and Environs Development Agency bill is already put in place to salvage the situation.

The Burutu/Bomadi and Environs Agency bill is very important. That agency will attract private and public investors, higher education establishment and all these will be brought in place and once it is done, the economic base of the place will increase and we can now go to sleep.”

On why his constituents should vote for him as their lawmaker, Pudiya said;

Everybody has a clear picture of what they want. They should do what they feel is best. If thy want more, they should ask for more by voting for more. If they want less, they can vote for less. But I think everybody wants more.

“They should vote for more. I have more to offer. I want go there trying to learn. I already know the business. I have an idea of what I want to do. I’ve been groomed for so long for this job and I can do a good job.”

Quizzed on his chances of taking over from an incumbent opponent, Pudiya said incumbency has no special place with elections as the constituents will use the record of such candidate to vote for or against them.

When it comes to incumbency, I don’t think there’s any special advantage because you’re running on a record. And what is the record so far?

““I won’t go there trying to learn the basics of legislative matters….”

“The record of the incumbent is plain to see in terms infrastructure development, Liaison and general representative character but the electorate will be the judge of that….

“But, what we can see clearly is how many motions, how many bills, how many projects, we can do that count,” he added.

The Burutu South Constituency is currently occupied by Pullah Ekpotuayerin, who was elected into office during the 2019 elections.

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