Critic VeryDarkMan Slams Obi Cubana for Prioritizing Wealth Over Youth Issues


Controversial critic VeryDarkMan has responded to billionaire businessman Obi Cubana’s request for blogs to stop posting content that shows youths disrespecting elders.

VeryDarkMan accused Obi Cubana of being uncomfortable with his criticisms because they expose the wrongdoing of people like him. He criticized the socialite for spending money on unnecessary things while failing to speak out on important issues affecting the youth.

The critic also mentioned that in his region, people don’t worship money and questioned Obi Cubana’s priorities. He suggested that Obi Cubana should focus on supporting the youth rather than trying to silence critics like himself.

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He said: “The only reason why you people are angry is because this is the only person that can scatter a lot of evil things in your faces. The youths cry because they never hear your voice on important issues; instead, you spray money around and use it to buy people’s conscience.

“The youths are looking for employment in Nigeria, but you bring alcohol into the country. We don’t worship money, my brother, as you try to interfere in matters that don’t concern you.”

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