Death Row Killer Who Kidnapped, Raped 10-year-old Girl Takes His Life in jail

By Daily Report Nigeria
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A Death Row inmate, Donald Hugh Davidson Jr has taken his own life while awaiting execution.

Donald, 41, was sentenced to death for the murder of Roseann Kasama Welsh, 35, and sexually assaulting her daughter.

A spokesperson for the Department of Corrections confirmed that Davidson was found dead at the Union Correctional Institution in Florida, USA, last Monday, May 2.

The Medical Examiner’s Office told The Florida Times-Union that Davidson hanged himself using his bedsheet.

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Davidson was already a registered sex offender in 2014, having been convicted of two counts of lewd molestation and aggravated battery in 2010.

He had only been free from prison for 72 days before committing another crime and his probation ankle tag was found at the scene.

According to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, Davidson tried to rape Welsh – whose husband he had known since childhood – in her home on December 1, 2014.

Welsh fought back and Davidson strangled her with a shoelace in her bathroom before stabbing her in the throat.

He then sexually assaulted Welsh’s daughter before abducting her in the family’s minivan, assaulting her once more and then letting her out.

Police spotted the young girl running back toward her home after the horrific incident.

She explained what had happened and that her mother had been murdered, and Davidson was arrested after being spotted in the minivan some hours later.

He waived his right to a jury trial in 2019, pleading guilty to first-degree murder, attempted sexual battery of a victim older than 12 with force, four counts of sexual battery of a victim younger than 12, kidnapping, lewd and lascivious molestation as well as grand theft.

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