Delta, Bayelsa Communities Decry Cholera Outbreak, Record Deaths

A fresh alarm has been raised by notable leaders of Ijaw extraction cutting across Delta and Bayelsa bordering communities over the alleged outbreak of cholera in the area, leading to the death of at least five indigenes.

The cause of their deaths were traced to a cholera epidemic that is quoted to have resulted from consuming polluted water and eating contaminated fishes that died from pollution upon being washed ashore.

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In a meeting with NATION over the weekend, a coalition of leaders from over 10 communities under the aegis of Committee of Affected Communities of coastal communities, beckoned on the Nigerian Federal Government to investigate the new outbreak and further sanction those responsible for the pollution of the waters.

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The communities further asked that that the hardship they suffer as a result of the polluted waters be mitigated.

Leader of the affected communities, High Chief Augustine O Seibi (JP), revealed emphatically that several other communities have recorded deaths in relation to the outbreak.

According to Chief Seibi, Sokoh community lost three persons, while Ekeremor Federated Communities also lost two people, all as a result of cholera.

Chief Seibi reiterated the need for a Cottage hospital in the area as well government intervention in allaying their pains.

He stated without mincing words that oil companies are solely responsible for the outbreak owing to their exploration activities which has led to the incessant death of fishes and other aquatic lives in recent times.

The revered Chief also noted that all “are directly and indirectly affected and are rendered impotent, without any means of a resurrection.”

The affected communities include Ekeremor Federated Communities, Sokoh, Omiegbene, Majorgbene, Fish Town, Seitoru, Ekeremor, Aghoro (I and II), among others.

The communities lamented that the pollution has given rise to hunger and starvation in the area as none could no longer go to the farm, hunt or fish as the Covid-19 pandemic further worsened their plight.

Recall that there has been reports of deaths of aquatic lives in different shorelines in the Niger Delta pegged on the release of hazardous chemicals into the rivers by oil companies.

Communities in Ogulagha and Iduwini Kingdoms were greatly affected as dead fishes were washed ashore in recent times. Ogoni in Rivers state also suffered the same experience as well as recording strange deaths.

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