Dollar Will Soon Exchange For N10 – Nigerian Cleric Says

By Tapre Timine
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The General Overseer of Prayer Centre Church of God (PCCG), Samson Oluwamodede, has predicted that the Naira would regain its value soon.

Pastor Oluwamodede, an Akure-based cleric stated this while ministering to his congregants.

Oluwamodede announced that the forces battling against the nation’s development that caused the economy to enter a crisis will soon lose it before next year.

According to him, the Holy Spirit in a revelation told him that the naira which is currently over 700 to a dollar will soon be at the rate of N10.

He said;
Today, I also want you to mark my words. The dollar will fall and we would have the naira gain its strength. Like a drama, it would be shocking to Nigerians. I repeat again, we shall have (one) dollar as N10 to our currency.”

The cleric stressed that he does not make false prophecies, noting he had once revealed that Tobi Amusan would bring glory to Nigeria.

You remember I once prophesied that a young lady would bring out the glory of this country through a tournament in sport and that prophecy came to pass. The lady, Amusan (Tobi) is doing us proud now.

Our economy will boom and it would affect all the sectors which would start working again. Children of God, you have to pray tirelessly,” the cleric said.

Oluwamodede said “no one should yet give up on the current state of things in the country,” assuring that the country would undergo a transformation from bad to good, particularly in its economy.

He went on to say that the nation would soon experience new dawn and encouraged Nigerians to increase their faith and confidence in God.

The minister viewed that Nigeria would have been worse off without the prayers and contributions of religious believers all around the nation.

PCCG’s pastor hence encouraged Nigerians to pray earnestly for protection from “calamity” in the rest months of 2022.

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