Domestic Violence Survivor Shares Her Story

Tapre Timine
Tapre Timine
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Uchenna, a Nigerian lady has narrated on Facebook how she survived marital violence and fled to her parents’ house with her children.

Following the death of gospel singer Osinachi, the Educator took to Facebook to recollect how a guy criticized her for not begging her violent husband.

She said:
Osinachi had been experiencing intense domestic violence and people knew. I saw some NDDC person, Frank Edwards and obviously influential people knew….but what did they do. The abuser still succeeded.

Just this week, an adult male…a grandfather or soon to be one….blamed me for not begging my abuser. I told him he’d have preferred me dead and truly…. doesn’t it seem like what the Nigerian community and churches too want???

Because I don’t understand the level of ignorance that’ll make the situation all hush hush, instead of using it to preach strongly and warn and teach the church…of course the guy should be in jail while all these are going on.

Ha! God bless the 20th of July, 2019. Whatever got into me and carried me home, to my parents’ house in the village ….I didn’t even have funds for the taxi driver that took us to my village that day … Guzzie was taken almost immediately to the hospital in Owerri to be seen by a paediatrician, Chukwuemeka Nwolisa … my dad took care of the bills. That’s to show how financially empty I was …but I wasn’t afraid…. I wasn’t even thinking.

I saw the life in front of me…that of freedom and love and abundance … the average Nigerian community wanted me to stay back and be ‘submissive’ to the one who was ready to take away my life and that of the children. Truly, at the time, I hoped he’d apologise and beg for once and we’d go back. Thank God it didn’t happen.

This woman’s death is painful. Osinachi, rest in peace. I left alive… we left alive. I’m proud of us… I’m proud of our move… I’m proud of our survival. #iloveus #traumahealing.”

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