Don’t Marry Hungry Women – Daddy Freeze Advises Men

Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as Daddy Freeze has advised men against marrying hungry women.

During an Instagram live session, Daddy Freeze emphasized the importance of men asking women about their monthly allowance before deciding to get married.

He believes that men should not be afraid to discuss financial matters openly and should avoid marrying women who are financially dependent or “hungry.”

He urged men to be assertive and prioritize their financial well-being in relationships by going for women who earn more money than them.

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Daddy Freeze said:

Stop marrying girls that are hungry. Enough is enough! Before you marry a girl, ask her, ‘What are you going to do for me?’ Start asking. Start being bold. Ask her, ‘How much are you paying me as allowance monthly?’

“Any woman that cannot give you a monthly allowance is not worth your time. Stop marrying beneath you. Adenuga’s child will marry Dangote’s child. Have you ever seen any Adenuga’s child marry a bricklayer? Do you know who Dangote’s daughter married? She married the former Inspector General of Police’s son.

“Then you a whole man you’re going to marry someone that’s earning half of your salary or struggling to earn what you are earning.

“If you earn N10,000 per month, look for a woman that earn N30,000 per month. And the woman must be beautiful and curvy as well as good in the bedroom. Isn’t that how they rate us?”

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