Easiest Processes to Migrate to Canada

Easiest Processes to Migrate to Canada | Daily Report Nigeria

Do you desire to study, school, or work, or just want to migrate to Canada?

Canada is one of the most desired countries by many international residents for a couple of reasons which include.

  • Good Education system
  • Numerous job employment opportunities. Etc

In this article, I will walk you hand in hand, on the processes involved for you to migrate to Canada.
However, you may ask, why should you immigrate to Canada?

Why Should You Migrate To Canada?

I’ve often been asked by many what’s so special about Canada.
If you are still contemplating whether you should migrate to Canada or not, the following reasons will help you make a good decision.
If you want a good education and a good life of comfort, then Canada is the best option for you.

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How To Migrate To Canada

Before you can migrate to Canada, you must have a particular purpose, by which you want to migrate to Canada.
Be it for Education, business, tourism, recreation, etc.
This is what will determine the type of Canada visa type that you need.
Following this, I will be expatiating on the processes involved for you to immigrate to Canada.

Immigrate Through Express Entry

Express entry is a channel by which skilled workers, such as

  • Nurse
  • Engineers
  • IT professionals etc

Immigrate to Canada.

How Does Express Entry Work?

The express entry application is online-based.
However, before applying for it, you need to first find out whether you are eligible or not.
How can you find out if you are eligible or not?

Get Your Express Entry Documents

To demonstrate your eligibility for express entry immigration, you need to get some documents, such as.

  • Language test results
  • Medical tests
  • Police results etc

However, a medical test has to be conducted in a Canadian embassy hospital in your home country.

Submit Your Express Entry Profile

Your express entry profile must contain all the necessary information about you, including all the required documents.

If your profile is accurate and contains all the supporting documents for you to immigrate to Canada, you will be accepted into the express entry pool.
Once you are accepted, your profile will be ranked based on your profile information.

Apply For Permanent Residence From Express Entry

If your profile has a good score in the express entry pool, you will be sent an invitation letter.
Once you receive the invitation letter, you will be given a maximum of ninety days to apply for permanent residence.
Your application will be processed based on the supporting documents you submit.
Bear in mind that fake documents will lead to automatic denial of your application, and will also prevent you from applying in the future.
Apply for permanent residence.

Immigrate To Canada Via Family Sponsorship

This is another method by which you can immigrate to Canada.
If you have families or relatives who are permanent residents of Canada, they can be a pathway for you to Canada.

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However, bear in mind that they can only sponsor you if they are your immediate relatives.
In addition, your relative must

  • be above 18 years of age.
  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Be a Canadian permanent resident

Sponsoring Spouse, Children, And Partner

If you are eligible to file for your family in an international Country, then you will be able to sponsor them to Canada.
However, bear in mind that before doing this, you must be able to support them financially during their stay in Canada, or till they have been able to get a job.


It costs $1050 to apply for your spouse in an outside country and $150 for your child in an outside country.

Processing time

The processing time it takes, for your family member you apply for to get approved, varies based on their country.
However, it shouldn’t take more than 12 months.

Who Is Eligible To Sponsor Their Child Or Spouse In Canada?

Is it everyone that can sponsor their family in an outside country to Canada?
Before you can sponsor your relative in an outside country to Canada, you must meet the following criteria.

  • You must be above 18 years of age, or 18 years as of the time of application.
  • You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • You can take care of the financial responsibility of the person you are sponsoring.

Who Can’t Sponsor Their Partner, Spouse, Or child in Canada
There are some situations whereby you won’t be able to sponsor, your partner, or child living in an outside country, such as.

  • If you are not up to 18 years of age.
  • You are not a permanent resident of Canada.
  • You are not financially independent.

How To Apply
If you want to sponsor your partner or child to Canada, there are two basic steps involved.

  • You will have to take an application to become a sponsor.
  • Your partner or child will have to apply for permanent residence.

And both applications must be submitted at the same time.
In addition, to sponsor an adopted child in Canada, kindly read this detailed guide.

Pay For Application Fee
Having understood the first stage involved, you will have to pay the application fee, and this often involves

And all these fees have to be paid online.

Submit Your Application
Once all the processes involved have been duly followed, you have to submit your application.
You can mail your application, and you can use a courier service to submit your application.
To know how long it will take for the application to get processed, you read this guide
However, bear in mind that your application won’t be processed if it’s incomplete, or contains false documents.
Nevertheless, if there is no issue found in the application, it will proceed within 30 days, and you will be sent a message whether the application was approved or not.


We hope you find this information on how to immigrate to Canada informative.
Kindly share with others.


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