Exclusive: ‘All They Do Is Kill People in Isolation Centres’ – Man Seeks Justice For Late Mother

Mrs Okolo Juliet Ogechi was abandoned to die in a Covid-19 Isolation Centre in Delta state.

A young man identified as Okolo DivineBliss has cried out for justice on behalf of his late mother who was allegedly abandoned to die in a Covid-19 Isolation Centre in Asaba, the Delta state capital.

In an exclusive telephone chat with Daily Report Nigeria, Okolo narrates that his mother has been sick for sometime and she has been undergoing treatment at home. He gave the symptoms of her ailment to be cough, weakness and sharp pains.

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The family decided to take Mrs Okolo to the New General Hospital in Asaba, on June 25th, 2020, a journey she walked without help along the way.Mrs Okolo was consequently denied treatment at the hospital as the doctors were afraid she could be a Coronavirus case.

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She was abandoned in her pains for over an hour before they resorted she be taken to an Isolation Centre. At this point, her oxygen levels had dropped drastically.

According to the bereaved son, he always kicked against the move to relocate his late mother to the Isolation center as she had not shown any symptoms of Covid-19 even while she was being issued treatment at home.

Okolo DivineBliss, the bereaved son

His reasons being that his late mother had not gone anywhere to have been exposed to the virus, let alone contracting it. He was certain his mother was not a Covid-19 case.

Upon the refusal of the doctors to attend to the dying Mrs Okolo, the family gave in to the isolation offer, where she was placed under oxygen.Continuing, DivineBliss stated his mother was left without proper attention at the Isolation Centre.

No doctors or nurses ever attended to her at the centre.The Law student of Edwin Clark University stated that his mother was diagnosed of acute Pneumonia after an X-ray examination but was never treated.

He stated that patient were only watched with CCTV cameras but were not given proper attention.His mother eventually died on Saturday, June 27th and all he demands is for justice to be served for his late mother, saying the doctors killed her.

DivineBliss accused the health workers at the centre of incompetence and not carrying out adequate testing, while wondering why they could not treat the pneumonia his mother was diagnosed of.

Describing his mother, DivineBliss said; “she was a bread winner for us and the one who took care of us always… I don’t know where to go or what to do from here… please I need everyone right now cos it’s like I am single in my world at the moment… Who would take care of me? Who would be my mother? She was the closest to me,” he wailed.

Continuing, “I don’t know what else to think other than to conclude that doctors are careless and wicked in this state, and as real as Covid-19 is, they don’t take it serious In their Isolation centres cause they feel people must die. Please I need your help for justice and support for my mum,” he concluded.

Her further revealed that his sister, who is a sickle cell patient passed out as a result of the mother’s condition and is still at the hospital. He cried where they would see money to pay her bills.His mother’s corpse is still at the hospital as the test result was yet to be released as at the time of filing this report.The young lad while seeking justice on behalf of his late mother, calls for support for his family as his late mother was the bread winner for the family.

Meanwhile, DivineBliss is not the first voice to speak out on the porous activities of health workers at the Covid-19 Isolation centres across Delta state.

From inadequate testing methods to poor handling of suspected and confirmed cases, citizens in the state have since lost hope in the way the pandemic is generally handled in the state.

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