Fuel Subsidy Favours The Rich More Than The Poor – Tinubu

Fuel Subsidy Favours The Rich More Than The Poor - Tinubu | Daily Report Nigeria

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has revealed that fuel subsidy only the rich and not the poor

Tinubu stated this while speaking to Freedom Radio from Saudi Arabia where he partook in the Umrah.

Tinubu during the interview also spoke on other issues like his health, his campaign and the pace it is picking up.

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Speaking on the need to remove the subsidy, he said,

I will ensure we end the wastage and re-channel the money to the people who truly need it.”

Speaking further he said it is not a political position but a commonsensical one, as almost all the candidates are united around it.

We all agreed that the subsidy regime is abused and it favours the rich more than the poor. It has to go.”

When asked about the protests that rocked the country over fuel scarcity and the partial removal of oil subsidies.

He said,

I couldn’t have opposed people expressing their own position on this. I believe in consultation and guaranteed by democratic values and norms.

“I respect opinions of people and I would not be party to stifling dissenting views or any legitimate protest. I am a veteran of protests myself. So why should I say people should not embark on well-intentioned protest? There is no excuse for that and there is no abuse of power intended.”

Clearing the air on his engagement with the media and the people of Nigeria, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu said he has just finished a series of townhall meetings across the country and he continues to engage directly with the people.

When quizzed on his health, the presidential candidate said

I told you where I am now. I just finished performing the the umrah. I did the seven rounds of tawaf, I did the seven trips between safa and Marwa by myself.

“Can a sick person do that? That is stale news, my brother. People who are making those insinuations have nothing else to say but lies and rubbish.”


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