How Domestic Violence Can Be Curbed In African Culture — Seun Kurti

By Tapre Timine
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Seun Kuti, an Afrobeat singer, has debunked views by some people that domestic violence is part of the African culture.During an interview with Saturday Beats, he said;
“I don’t like people who don’t do anything African but suddenly remember that they are African when it is time to oppress women and children. I think domestic violence can be curbed with more social services to protect women that are suffering from it. Many women cannot leave such situations they are in because of their children. The government needs to create more services to protect women against domestic violence.“When it comes to marriage and domestic relationships, people should do what pleases them. I don’t think monogamy is better than polygamy. I also don’t think polygamy is better than monogamy. When it comes to male and female relationships, mankind has still not got it right. Everyone should do what is best for them.”Speaking about his music career, the singer noted that he is not under pressure to make a better album.He said;
I am not making my next project to be better than the last because of recognition. As an artiste, one is always trying to improve one’s art. One is also trying to be better at whatever one is doing. I am looking forward to making a better album, not because of pressure but because that is what being a true artist entails. I have a few projects in the works. I shot a movie and it will be released soon. I am also working on my next tour.I think all (forms of) art must evolve but I don’t feel that afrobeat has evolved into what the present generation is singing today. It is time for Nigerian pop music to thrive. African pop music is also shining.”

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