How My Husband Got My Daughter Pregnant – Lady Recounts

By Tapre Timine
1 Min Read

A yet-to-be-properly identified lady has confided in her pastor (name withheld) how her husband impregnated her daughter while she was away.

According to the lady, she had travelled to Canada after her wedding only two months when the shocking incident occurred.

The said husband and her daughter, 15 ( from another man) hence moved in with her parents.

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Along the line, he had intercourse with her daughter and put her in the family way. He further terminated the pregnancy.

Recounting how she heard about the heartbreaking news, the lady said;

My mum called and begged me to come home one day. She didn’t want to tell me what happened on the phone. Well, I found out my husband got my daughter pregnant and aborted it. Pastor, this is the first time I’m saying this.”

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