How to Block First Bank ATM Card

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Block First Bank ATM Card

According to a statistics many people are fond of misplacing their money and also money-like items. ATM can be under the category of money like items.

Today, ATM has become very accessible because one can withdraw money through POS and token this days.

ATM Cards are the most convenient way to carry cash in the modern era of mobile banking and the cashless economy.

As a result, moving an ATM around seems more like moving your entire investment while remaining at ease.

However, these ATMs can occasionally be lost, stolen, or used to take money without your permission by someone who knows your PIN.

As a result, this article describes how to block your First Bank ATM card in the event of theft, an unauthorised withdrawal, or other fraudulent activity, particularly on weekends when banks are closed or in situations where the bank is far from the customer’s place of residence or when the customer does not have the time to visit the bank.

Blocking a First Bank ATM Card

It is incredibly easy to disable your First Bank ATM card by SMS alert. It has card blocking functionality and is a round-the-clock service.

Send the SMS alert “BLOCK” to 30012.
SMS fees apply, and you must send the SMS from the phone number associated with the impacted bank account.

After receiving this SMS, your ATM card and account will be disabled within 24 hours. Following that, you are unable to use the ATM to make another payment or withdrawal.

These operations can be performed wherever you are or even in the convenience of your own home. It operates around-the-clock.

As a result, in urgent cases, you do not need to go to the bank to have your ATM restricted.

Blocking a First Bank ATM Card by Mobile App

The strategies engaged with blocking a First Bank ATM card utilizing the First Bank Mobile App incorporates;

  • Open the First Bank portable application (First Mobile) on your telephone or gadget.
  • Click on “Choice.”
  • Then, at that point, go to “Card Services.”
  • The next step is to, select your card type.
  • Click on “Hotlist Card.”

Adhering to these directions properly, you will finish the activity, and your card will be effectively blocked.

Blocking a First Bank ATM Card by reaching the Customer Care Service

You can likewise block your First Bank ATM Card by reaching Customer Care and getting to their administrations in order to help avoid critical misfortunes. You can call them through;

Call: You can connect a call with the First Bank client care administration at +234 1 9052326 or +234 1 9052000.

FirstContact: You can likewise contact them through 0700 FIRSTCONTACT-+234 700 34778 2668228 or +234 708 062 5000 and

First Bank is a bank for customer use and wish to make customers free from scammers.However, they have provided other medium in which you can block your ATM card incase there is an occurrence of misplacement or losing the card.

You can also contact them in their online platform like logging in to their portal.

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