“I am not ruling it out, but I am not actively searching to remarry” – Actress, Kate Henshaw Speaks On Remarrying At 50

By Daily Report Nigeria
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Veteran Nigerian actress, Kate Henshaw has opened up about her private life.

The 50-year-old actress during an interview with Vanguard Allure, talked about remarrying at 50, and also revealed why she kept her daughter away from social media.

The actress, who was asked if she has plans of getting married again after her marriage with Mr Nuttel crashed years ago said;

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“Well, never say never at the right time, God will do what He has to do. And if He says ‘No’ fine and if He says, yes, that is also fine. I am not ruling it out, but I am not actively searching to remarry.”

When asked why she has continued to hide her daughter from the public eyes, she said;

My daughter is my business. it’s private. i choose to have a line dividing privacy and public show-off of whatever. i’m a very private person, but it so happens that my life is my work and that makes some part of my life public.

But, i choose to protect her, but well, she’s an adult now. she can make the choice to go into the social media space knowing fully well that it’s a mixed world out there. so, one has to work circumspectly, treading carefully and know that the kind of information you put out, may be used against you in the future. so, i choose to keep her away from the public eye as a personal choice.”

Kate who also shared her view on how her colleagues use the social media said;

Well, to each, his own; i will say that we all have choices and whatever we do, there are consequences. i, for one, i’m, okay. i’m just minding my lane, content in focusing on my job and issues.

I am passionate about advocating for them and generally sending out a positive vibes. so, to each, his own, everyone is an adult and responsible for how they use the tool of social media, because when the purpose of a tool is not known, abuse is definitely inevitable.”

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