I Did Witchcraft to ‘Help Poor African Children’ – Paul Pogba

By Daily Report Nigeria
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Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba has admitted to practicing witchcraft to help poor African children.

The footballer revealed this to investigators in the ongoing blackmail case involving his brother, Mathias.

Admitting to the accusations of involving in witchcraft, the World Cup winner said it was not targeted at casting an evil eye on Kylian Mbappé or any other footballer.

The ‘Pogba case’ is currently in the hands of the justice system and has become increasingly complicated.

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The former Juventus star took to his Twitter page to explain his side of the story, even though Mathias is still in custody.

Mathias Pogba accused Paul of having used magic to cast an evil eye on Mbappe during the 2019 Champions League round of 16 between PSG and United.

The witchcraft told him he had to stop at the risk of destroying his career,” he revealed.

Pogba, according to Sunday Mail, went to a witchcraft in search of “protection from injury” and also to “help poor children in Africa”.

Pogba’s comments came following an assault he suffered in Paris in March, when hooded men demanded more than 12 million euros from him.

I was scared. Two guys pointed their guns at me. I told them I would pay, as they were holding me at gunpoint. They shouted at me: ‘Shut up, look down’,” the newspaper reports.

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