Ivana Knoll: The Sexiest World Cup Fan in Qatar and Former Miss Croatia

World Cup’s Sexiest Fan?

Football season is in full swing, and the World Cup, a quadrennial event, is reaching its peak by the day.

Football fans of this time are frequently depicted as screaming when intoxicated, cheering loudly, debating passionately, and occasionally punching each other.

But one supporter jumps out: former Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll.

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Who is Ivana Knoll?

She is known as the “World Cup Sexiest Fan” among supporters, football analysts, and social media users.

Ms. Knoll, a Croatian fashion model, is eschewing the macho energy in favor of crop tops, bum shots, and a hint of cleavage among all the commotion.

Ivana Knoll, the former Miss Croatia, is about to leave Qatar because Croatia, which was defeated by Argentina (3-0) on Tuesday, 13th of December, has lost their qualifications for the World Cup title.

In Qatar, Ivana Knoll has been flaunting her taste for revealing attire and demonstrating her lack of fear about being arrested or receiving any sort of penalty.

The 30-year-old, termed the “sexiest fan” of the World Cup 2022, regularly attends games sporting a bra and tights that match the Croatian flag’s color, red.

Ivana Knoll is pictured in one of her most popular pictures walking down the stadium steps while some Qatari fans appear to be “fascinated” by her physique.

When Ivana entered the Education City Stadium to see the World Cup quarterfinal match between Croatia and Brazil, the Qatari security got into a fight with her.

She was observed walking around in a bikini top and red high-waisted leggings. For the duration of the competition, Qatar has prohibited skin displays and asked spectators to respect their culture. Ivana, however, has not paid attention.

Ivana Knoll issued a challenge to the Qatari government, stating that she would turn up naked if Croatia went on to win the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Ivana, who was sporting the national flag, responded, “If that occurs, the flag falls,” when asked by a German TV station what would happen if Croatia won.

This was a blatant violation of Qatar which imposes strict decency (dressing) laws on the people, especially women.

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