I’ve Been Buying Covid-19 Palliatives, A’Ibom Lady Cry Out

An Akwa-Ibom woman has accused the state government of selling COVID-19 palliatives materials to citizens.

According to her, she peeled off the sticker on the carton of noodles she bought and discovered it was originally for palliatives.

She took to Facebook to share photos of her carton of noodles with the sticker on it and another photo after the sticker had been peeled off. On the other side of the sticker, CA-COVID (Coalition Against COVID-19) can be seen printed on it.

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She posted;

“I don’t really know what took my mind to this pack of Indomie in my house, I decided to remove this new sticker from it, lo and behold at the back of it I saw Covid 19, Not for sale. So all this while I have been buying my own right? So if you are looking for warehouse in Akwa ibom, our own palliatives has been sold out to us. HOW HEARTLESS CAN PEOPLE BE?”

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