IYC 2020: Ebolo Remains Our Authentic Delegate – Ngbelebiri Clan

Ijaw Youth Council | Daily Report

The Ngbelebiri structure of the Ijaw Youth Council has reaffirmed Comrade Ebolo Samuel as it’s authentic delegate to vote in the forthcoming Ijaw Youth Council elections.

In a statement signed by Godday Money on Saturday on behalf of the Ngbelebiri clan, the group warned that Onduku has long declared himself a member of the Ijaw National Council (INC) and not the IYC.

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Comrade Godday thus cautioned Barr Preye Onduku, to shun away from championing unwarranted irregular gatherings in the name of the clan, using his office space.

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The statement reads in full;
Information reaching us has it that Barr. Preye Onduku whose official exit to things concerning IYC was made known by the clan chairman, Amakiye Ekaye in a meeting wherein the house applauded his brave and giant strives to join our parent body, Ijaw National congress(INC).

However, to our utter dismay, the said Barr. Preye Onduku who vowed never to associate with things related to IYC is busy calling for meetings in his office secretly to endorsed a man who has served as chairman of the clan from 2013 till date against the wish of the clan.

This same man has been a delegate since 2008 till date in zonal conventions and a national delegate in Burutu main-town where he voted against the only candidate from Ngbelebiri clan by name Preye Tambou.

Having checked his precedence, the clan leadership can no longer accept him to be their next delegate.

Barrister Preye Onduku must be made to understand that his office is not part of Ngbelebiri clan, therefore meetings of such can never be there.

We use this medium to notify the ELECO ably led by Barr. Bekewei Ajuwa and the IYC in general to reaffirm our earlier resolution held at Kiagbodo on the 5th day of June, 2020 where the leadership/stakeholders endorsed the nomination of Samuel Ebolo as their sole delegate from Ngbelebiri in the forthcoming National Election.

The IYC conventional elections are billed to take place at Oporoza, Gbaramatu Kingdom on Saturday 11, 2020.

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