Jim Iyke Reveals Why He Struggles to Make Friends

Jim Iyke

Nollywood actor Jim Iyke recently opened up about why he finds it difficult to make friends. On the ‘Deep Dive’ podcast with comedian Teju Babyface, Iyke shared that he can’t be friends with people who hold grudges.

He also mentioned that his rapid personal growth often makes it hard for others to keep up with him.

“We don’t hang around emotions. We don’t have time for it. That’s why I can’t be friends with everybody,” he said.

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“I need somebody that won’t be hung up on my last act. I’m too transitional for it. My propensity for growth is at an alacrity that you can’t keep up with.

“Who I was yesterday is different from who I am today. So it’s not everybody that can keep up with that. I need somebody that I won’t call for 10 weeks and he is not in his feelings.

“There’s a time I didn’t call him for 4 months and he didn’t call me either. We don’t have to. But when we call, it’s value.

“I don’t want a friend that I am in your life every day. It’s never going to work because I will never show up for your kid’s birthday.

“You find me wanting at your anniversary. When you have certain issues I might not be the one to reach. But I tell you, when you call me and I sense that it’s not even a function of what you tell me, I sense that you need me, I’m going to move every mountain. So you decide the kind of friends you want.”

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