Joeboy Advocates for Support of Local Awards Over Foreign Recognition

Joeboy, the acclaimed Afrobeats artist, has urged fellow musicians to throw their weight behind local award ceremonies. Expressing his views on The Big Convo podcast, the 26-year-old singer stressed the importance of valuing African awards over their foreign counterparts.

He pointed out that while the Grammys enjoy global acclaim, they remain an American institution at their core. Encouraging Afrobeats stars to prioritize support for award shows on the continent, Joeboy emphasized the significance of celebrating and uplifting African talent within Africa itself.

“I think we should unapologetically be ourselves and also empower our institutions here in Africa,” he said.

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“Grammys is a great award but it is still an American award. It is just seen as a global award because of its positioning.

“But we make it look like that it is the biggest award an African artiste can ever get. Why don’t we show up for our awards and plan it properly?

“If they did not show up for their awards, it won’t be as great as it is now. I know there is money to be made there but we need to return home and invest.

“At the end of the day, we will all have to come back. So it is all about making sure our infrastructure and institutions are growing.”

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