JUST IN: Reps Seek Six-Year Tenure For President, Rotation Among Zones

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A group of lawmakers in Nigeria’s House of Representatives has put forward a proposal to amend the 1999 Constitution to introduce the rotation of the presidency among the six geo-political zones of the country.

The group is advocating for significant constitutional reforms, including establishing a single six-year tenure for the President and Governors.

The proposed amendments aim to foster national unity and ensure an equitable distribution of political power across Nigeria’s diverse regions.

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Members of the House, led by Representative Ikenga Ugochinyere (PDP-Imo), have proposed a constitutional amendment that would introduce a six-year single term for both the President and Governors across the nation.


The proposal was presented during a press conference held at the National Assembly in Abuja on Monday.


Under the proposed bill, the lawmakers argue that the current system of governance allows for excessive expenditure and inefficiency, which they believe can be curtailed by limiting the President and Governors to a single six-year term.


“The bill is seeking reduction in government spending and wastage, efficiency in governance, and national stability by providing a single term of six years for the President and Governors,” said Rep. Ugochinyere.


Additionally, the proposal includes the creation of two vice-presidential offices, designated for representatives from the northern and southern parts of Nigeria.


The first vice president would be the successor in the event of the president’s inability to serve, while the second would take on the role of Minister in charge of the Economy.


Both vice presidents would also hold ministerial positions, enhancing the executive branch’s capacity to manage the country’s economic affairs effectively.


Another critical aspect of the bill is the enhancement of financial autonomy and accountability for Local Government Councils. It suggests the establishment of an independent Consolidated Local Government Council Account, which would be directly managed by the councils themselves.


The bill also recommends stringent penalties, including long-term imprisonment, for any misuse of Local Government funds.


Moreover, the amendment seeks to modify the Electoral Act to mandate that all federal and state elections be conducted simultaneously.

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This change aims to streamline the electoral process and reduce the logistical and financial burdens associated with staggered elections.


The lawmaker emphasized that if passed, the bill would ensure that all election-related litigation is concluded within a six-month period before the official swearing-in of elected officials.


Rep. Ugochinyere expressed a robust commitment to national unity and progress, stating, “Ours is a commitment to building a united, stable, and prosperous nation. Nigeria can and must become a great and modern nation.”

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Written by Sodiq Adelakun

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