Korra Obidi Denies Estranged Husband’s Cheating Allegations During Pregnancy

Korra Obidi

Renowned Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi, based abroad, has refuted accusations made by her estranged husband regarding infidelity during her pregnancy.

In a video posted on his Instagram, Justin Dean claimed that Obidi had been unfaithful while she was five months pregnant.

Obidi responded to these allegations, dismissing them as attempts by her ex-husband to gain attention using her name. She emphasized that his actions stemmed from her recent trending status following an attack she endured last week.

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In a video message shared on her Instagram account, Obidi addressed the situation.

“Bloggers are learning clout chasing from Mr Justin Dean. I had an accident and I trended; he is now bringing chats from two years ago.

“My lovers, please be wiser than the normal gullible people. Mr Dean is a desperado. When I got my big breakthrough, that was when he filed for divorce. He cannot stand attention that is not on him. This is two years down the line and he is still talking about me because the only way he can stay relevant is to call my name.”

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